Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Me thinks he's onto me...

Last night I tried out a new product on Charlie to help with administering his meds. Reliadose promises to easily get medications into your baby without them even noticing. It has this crazy dual chambered nipple that you insert a syringe with the pre-measured dosage into the middle of the bottle. Then you can slowly push the meds into baby's mouth while they are drinking something they love. Sounds great, right?

I clearly cannot pull the wool over my son's eyes, because everytime I gave a little push on the syringe Charlie got this disgusted look on his face that spoke volumes~This woman is trying to poison me! He stopped drinking and then would start up again on his merry way and then I would try again. The last 'shot' of meds produced a priceless look that I wish I could have captured with the camera because his whole face wrinkled up and I had to laugh out loud. Poor guy. Guess we'll go back to trying to shoot the stuff down his throat ala that water balloon game at, fun, fun!

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